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Happy Mother’s Day!

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Where would we be without mothers?  I mean, seriously!  They love us, comfort us, urge us to be the best that we can be, shelter us, feed us, take us shopping, help us redecorate our places and the list continues!  My mom is one of my best friends and I have to confess it feels weird when I don’t get to speak to her daily. Happy Mother’s Day, Mom!

Just like the sugar cookies Mom makes...yummy!

Someone recently wrote to me how impressed they were with all that I’ve been able to accomplish at such a young age.  My obvious reply is that I owe everything to my mom who has always encouraged me to be creative and follow my dreams.  I wouldn’t be a published author if it weren’t for her love, support, and dedication!  My mom is amazing!  Thank you for listening to me, Mom, for allowing me to bounce ideas off of you, for getting excited about every detail about my book, and most of all, for walking alongside me as I followed this dream. <3

And now that I have a wonderful mother-in-law, I also want to give her a shout out as well.  How eagerly she accepted me into the family and made me feel like one of her own!  What a blessing she has been!  Thanks Mom-Too!  You have raised such a fine son, instilling in him the values which make me ‘swoon’ daily.  He learned how to love, care, comfort and listen from you and for that I will forever be thankful.  God has given me a wonderful and amazing husband–and with him another wonderful and amazing mother and second family!


A Modern Day Persuasion is now available on Smashwords

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A Modern Day Persuasion is now available through Smashwords.  Download your copy of my novel today!

The Jane Austen Today site features A Modern Day Persuasion!

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The Jane Austen Today site features my novel, A Modern Day Persuasion, in its latest post!

In my interview, I discuss what inspired me to write my novel as well as how it correlates with and differs from the original Persuasion.

How exciting!  Thank you Vic!

In my heart I know you intimately.

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How fitting that I finish my movie adaptation reviews with Persuasion, the basis of my novel, A Modern Day Persuasion.  I believe there are two versions worth mentioning, both equally endearing in their own ways.  The 1995 adaptation starring Amanda Root and Ciaran Hinds is by far the most accurate.  Although the screenwriter, Nick Dear, tweaked a few things to help the storyline flow for film, this version is a great way to sum up Persuasion after reading both the original novel and my update.

Well made, wonderfully acted, great costumes, and inspiring cinematography–this is a top contender for the best Austen film adaptation.  I love how this version allows glimpses into the time-period with its footage of animal life and servantry.  It’s also rather telling how Anne’s appearance begins to improve after the re-introduction of Frederick and the arrival of a new suitor.  Kudos to the hair and makeup team!

The second adaptation, and the most recent, was produced by BBC in 2007.  It stars Sally Hawkins and Rupert Penry-Jones (the new “it” guy on British television).

Something I rather like about this version is how Anne connects to the camera.  She literally looks into it–sharing with you her pains and frustrations.  Or there’s the scenes where Anne’s writing in her journal with tears blotting the pages–you can feel the heartbreak!  The downfall of this adaptation is the awkwardness of Anne running around Bath in search of Wentworth.  Yes, Anne is excited about rekindling her romance with Frederick–but running?  It seems completely uncharacteristic of Anne, which is why Jane Austen didn’t write the story that way.  Isn’t it much more romantic that Wentworth, despite having directed Anne in his letter to give him “the signal” later that evening, couldn’t wait and therefore intercepted Anne before she could leave the Musgroves?  Although this particular plot change irks me, there are many other great things about 2007′s Persuasion which have earned it a place in my movie collection alongside its predecessor.  Not only that, but my husband prefers this adaptation!

Adieu for now friends!


Austen Inspiration site posts about A Modern Day Persuasion!

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The Austen Inspiration website posted about my novel!

Thank you so much Susan!  She also tweeted about it for her Austen Quotes followers!!/Austenquotes

Wow!  What a day! :D

“A Modern Day Persuasion” available now at Barnes&!

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My book is now available for purchasing on Barnes&!

“A Modern Day Persuasion” mentioned on Austenprose Blogsite

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Thank you Laurel!  Check out Austenprose!

Laurel tweeted about my book!!/Austenprose/statuses/64054952896638976

For those of you who don’t receive the Statesman Journal or haven’t had a chance to look at Easter Sunday’s paper yet, A Modern Day Persuasion was featured in the Life Section under Authors & Books!  Thank you to Barbara Curtin for spotlighting my novel!

Purchase A Copy of My Book On Amazon!

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Hello guests!

My book can be purchased easily through and is available in both paperback and kindle.

By Kaitlin Saunders



Guess what! The Statesman Journal has posted information about my book on Reporter Barbara Curtin’s NW Biblio Blog. Exciting! Check it out!!!

And, as it’s about that time again, here’s another Austen film adaptation review to boot!

Can I let you in on a little secret? I never cared for Northanger Abbey growing up. It’s true…I didn’t even have a desire to read the novel. As a preteen girl, my mother brought home BBC’s 1986 adaptation of this novel from the library, and let me just say, it was pretty spooky and weird!

A complete mis-interpretation of Austen’s intent behind one of her very first works. Jane wrote Northanger Abbey as a satire to make light of the gothic trend in novels, her motive most likely being to entertain her family around the fireside at night. The 1986 version starring Katharine Schlesinger and Peter Firth goes over the top, and unfortunately, made this work forgettable.

Then came BBC’s comeback in 2007 starring the adorable Felicity Jones and JJ Feild (a Jude Law look-a-like).

Henry and Catherine

Written by the masterful Andrew Davies (writer of the 5-hour Pride and Prejudice), film finally got it right. Although there is a lot of cleavage from Isabella Thorpe and a few racier scenes (for instance, when Catherine Moreland is reading or imaging scenes from books), the adaptation does well. Great casting, funny dialogue, good plot flow—this Austen film may not be my top favorite, but at least it has earned it’s spot in my DVD collection and is pulled out from time to time for a few hours of enjoyment.