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Posted by Kaitlin Saunders in Blog on September 16, 2011

I’ve got the reading bug which explains why lately I’ve spent the majority of my time with my nose in a book rather than with my fingers at a keyboard. But, alas, I’m back to post another “something” which I hope my readers will find interesting. (Oh, and what am I reading as of late, you may wonder…I seem to have gotten hooked on Lynn Austin’s novels!)

Yet, although I’d like to go on about how I’d love to bring Lynn’s books to the movie screen, I think it’s better that I divulge my latest artistic venture (beside reading, haha). I have been working on a screenplay for Jane Austen’s Mansfield ParkYou may or may not remember in one of my posts several months back how I complained that they’ve never done that particular adaptation correctly.

The 1980′s version came closest, yet the Fanny Price was stifled, seemingly vengeful, and liked to move her hands oddly in emphasis when acting unlike Jane’s Fanny (to see all of my objections to the known adaptations available, look through some of my first posts).

What I’ve been working on is a very accurate adaptation in which I dissected Austen’s Mansfield Park, trying to stay as close to her beautiful story as possible. Why this book does not have much of a following is no mystery when today’s Austen fans start out researching her works by watching the film adaptations first. If you don’t like the film, why waste your time reading the book?  

Alike the 1995′s Pride and Prejudice, my goal in creating this several-parter Mansfield Park was to truly bring the book to life–incorporating the dialogue, scenery, and characters as originally provided by the masterful Jane. Why add unnecessary plot twists and characterizations when Austen’s original concept was already plot enough?

I want audiences world-wide to finally be introduced to the real Fanny and her tale of sweet, unrequited love. Who’s ready for another period-piece Austen film to hit the screen? I, for one, can NEVER get enough! Now…if only I could get someone with connections to read it!

Hugs and adieu for now…and thanks for inspiring me, Cassandra!


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