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If Time Travel Were Possible…

Posted by Kaitlin Saunders in Blog on May 14, 2011

This past week I’ve taken up an old hobby—creating stationary. For months I’d been working steadily on A Modern Day Persuasion as well as my next installment and needed a break. How lovely it’s been reacquainting myself with crafting things of beauty!

Turning on the 1980s version of Pride and Prejudice, I sat down, surrounded by all my card stock, scraps of paper, fabrics, ribbons and glue, and got to work. While I shaped paper, got my hands covered with sticky glue and took occasional creative breaks, I enjoyed the classic rendition of one of Jane’s most brilliant stories.

I’ve often wondered what life would be like had I been born during the Pride and Prejudice time period. Indeed, I often find myself exclaiming now and then that I was born out of time and of course this upsets my husband unless I say “we” were born out of time.  It gets me thinking—what would my life circumstances have been like?

With two brothers, I certainly wouldn’t have lived in an estate which was to be entailed away to a cousin like Mr. Collins—meaning I’d also be safe from the threat of marrying him!

And although my mother feels I have a disposition more like Jane, the older I get, the more I can relate to Eliza.  Yet my family life would have been much different than the Bennets. My father would have been some Captain or other in the militia living comfortably until the start of another war. My mother is and still would have been a beauty who, although with no fortune, caught the eye of my father and with his legacy, they live happily. My older brother would have followed my father’s footsteps and joined the regiment but my young brother would probably have opted for the church, no doubt finding a position through my wealthy uncle who prospered in trade and was elevated to Knighthood. As for myself, although very much a homebody, I would have enjoyed myself and flirted at the local balls until one very worthy young man caught my eye (my husband obviously!) and we would have married in that life as well. Now, where’s our time machine?

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