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Happy Mother’s Day!

Posted by Kaitlin Saunders in Blog on May 8, 2011

Where would we be without mothers?  I mean, seriously!  They love us, comfort us, urge us to be the best that we can be, shelter us, feed us, take us shopping, help us redecorate our places and the list continues!  My mom is one of my best friends and I have to confess it feels weird when I don’t get to speak to her daily. Happy Mother’s Day, Mom!

Just like the sugar cookies Mom makes...yummy!

Someone recently wrote to me how impressed they were with all that I’ve been able to accomplish at such a young age.  My obvious reply is that I owe everything to my mom who has always encouraged me to be creative and follow my dreams.  I wouldn’t be a published author if it weren’t for her love, support, and dedication!  My mom is amazing!  Thank you for listening to me, Mom, for allowing me to bounce ideas off of you, for getting excited about every detail about my book, and most of all, for walking alongside me as I followed this dream. <3

And now that I have a wonderful mother-in-law, I also want to give her a shout out as well.  How eagerly she accepted me into the family and made me feel like one of her own!  What a blessing she has been!  Thanks Mom-Too!  You have raised such a fine son, instilling in him the values which make me ‘swoon’ daily.  He learned how to love, care, comfort and listen from you and for that I will forever be thankful.  God has given me a wonderful and amazing husband–and with him another wonderful and amazing mother and second family!


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